Reports from Angie's Campaign

Angie at the CD4 and State Assemblies - 5/21/2006

The 4th Congressional District Assembly, 2006

CD4 Chair, Bill Bertschy, runs the proceedings.

Greeley School District Board member, Bob Stack, introduces Angie. 

Angie and State Rep. Wes McKinley

The crowd roars when Angie is introduced.

Angie accepts her nomination.

Over 300 attendees come to support Angie.

Angie and Bob Stack.

Angie signs her nomination acceptance.

The Colorado State Democratic Assembly, 2006

Angie shared the stage with Pat Waak, Ken Salazar, John Salazar, Mark Udall, and Jay Fawcett. 

Angie arrives with a marching band, and the crowd goes wild.

Angie represents the 4th Congressional District at the Colorado State Democratic Assembly.

Over 3,000 attendees cheer Angie on.

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