Reports from Angie's Campaign

Angie joins Ken Salazar, Thomas Dorr, and Wes McKinley in Lamar, Colorado - 12/3/2005

On Dec. 4, U.S. Senator Ken Salazar and USDA Assistant Undersecretary of Agriculture Thomas Dorr held a town hall meeting in Lamar, Colorado to discuss agricultural issues with area farmers and ranchers. State Representatives Angie Paccione and Wes McKinley joined Salazar and Dorr and learned about federal programs affecting rural agriculture.

 Angie, Ken, and Wes talk about water issues with an area rancher.
Wes and Angie
Wes and Angie discussed Angie's U.S. Congressional campaign.

Thomas Dorr was interviewed by local newspaper reporters.

Wes, Thomas, and Angie pose for the photographers.
ken and angie and wes
Angie, Wes, and Ken mingle with the crowd.

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