Legislative Leadership

In the State House of Representatives, Angie Paccione is an effective champion for education issues while also pushing for improvements in healthcare, job growth and training, consumer protections, and for a cost-conscious government.

Angie has successfully passed bills that:

Cracked Down On Illegal Immigration
  • Created a State Police unit to target human smuggling.
  • Held employers accountable for hiring illegal workers.
  • Required employees to have valid identification for work.
  • Made sure taxpayer dollars aren't used to provide services for adult illegal aliens.
  • Denied business permits to illegal aliens.
  • Created stiff penalties for illegal voting.
Secured Our Families
  • Strengthened laws against underage drinking.
  • Made mortgages more affordable by making bonds available through the Colorado Division of Housing.
  • Helped decrease identity theft by securing personal credit information.
  • Kept affordable housing “affordable” by allowing agencies and non-profits to buy program supplies at government rates.

Lowered the Cost of Healthcare

  • Stopped drug companies from price-gouging during emergencies.
  • Made it possible to have Automated External Defibrillators in every Colorado school and college.
  • Increased the affordability of health insurance for returning military personnel.

Increased Educational OpportunityAlcohol bill

  • Awarded college credit to Colorado high school students who graduated with International Baccalaureate diplomas.
  • Standardized the job requirements for paraprofessionals in Colorado’s K-12 school system.
  • Allowed young people to serve on the boards of directors for non-profit corporations.  
  • Increased funding for the Colorado College Opportunity Fund.
Increased Economic Growth and Sustainability
  • Kept government lean and efficient by making 2-1-1 telephone operators immune from liability. 
  • Supported a successful bipartisan solution to Colorado's fiscal crisis--The Economic Recovery Act. 

Angie has passed resolutions that:

  • Asked CDOT to study commuter rail from Pueblo to Fort Collins.
  • Asked retail stores to offer 10% discounts to military personnel.
  • Honored the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.
  • Instituted “No Name Calling Week” to fight school bullying.
  • Insured privacy for domestic violence shelters.
  • Acknowledged equal pay for equal work regardless of gender.

Angie works at her desk at the Colorado State Capitol in May, 2006.



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