Angie Paccione
Getting Real Results for
America’s Veterans

“As they face danger and hardship, it is our duty to help keep military families strong,” said State Rep. Angie Paccione.

State Rep. Angie Paccione will take to the U.S. Congress her ability to get things done. Angie’s commitment to doing the right thing for those who’ve served the United States is needed in Washington, D.C.

Angie consistently supports America's brave men and women in the armed forces. Her service in the state legislature has led to important accomplishments on behalf of our veterans. She understands the hardships and struggles they experience while securing our freedom, and has taken action to help.

Angie protected our servicemen and women from insurance gouging
Angie’s bill protects our servicemen and women from unfair insurance practices. While they are deployed, their insurance may lapse. The bill prohibits insurers from canceling coverage, increasing surcharges, denying benefits, creating new hurdles, or increasing premiums for those who have returned from active Service [SB 05-70].

Angie helped Guard and Reserve when they are called to duty
Angie sponsored Senate Bill 03-325, which allowed National Guard and Reserve members to defer their property taxes. Angie’s bill allows our uniformed men and women to ease their tax burdens when they are called to duty [SB 03-325].

Angie supports military families
Angie co-sponsored legislation enabling families of all active duty military personnel to receive financial grants from a Military Family Relief Fund. Grants from the fund go to help Colorado National Guard and Reservists, active duty personnel stationed in Colorado, and their families. By adding both of these military-support funds to the Colorado State Individual Income Tax Return, Colorado taxpayers may make any contribution to the families of America's soldiers. These funds help military families with utility, medical, and other bills that are difficult to afford when a family member is deployed [SB 05-52; HB 05-1053].

Angie promoted recognition of the service and sacrifice of our Armed Forces
Angie encouraged all Colorado businesses to offer military discounts to personnel and their families through House Joint Resolution 04-1075. Recognizing the sacrifices made by members of the Armed Forces, their spouses and dependents would let businesses help military families that struggle with financial hardship. It’s a small way of saying “thanks” for all they are doing to secure our freedom and security [HB 04-1075].         

Angie supports our fighting men and women in Iraq
In every session, Angie has co-sponsored resolutions supporting our troops fighting in Iraq. Thousands of our men and women in uniform have been deployed to Iraq, and many have not returned. It is important that the people’s representatives honor the service of America’s fighting men and women, and honor the memory of those we have lost [SJR 06-50; HJR 05-1045; HJR 04-1051; HJR 03-1041].

Angie supported helping military families during sudden transfers
Angie co-sponsored legislation that helps spouses of active duty personnel who are relocated and left unemployed during a time of war. Sudden transfers can force a spouse to leave a job, and it is important to reduce the financial burden of these sudden transitions by making unemployment insurance available. [HB 05-1265].

Angie protected our troops’ right to vote
Angie ensured that all servicemen and women deployed overseas have the opportunity to vote. Senate Bill 06-62 permits electronic voting by those serving abroad. As they are fighting for our country’s freedom, it is important the voices of our protectors still have a voice here at home [SB 06-62].

Angie supported tuition assistance for Colorado National Guard
Angie co-sponsored legislation providing tuition assistance to Colorado National Guard members. By making Colorado’s higher education institutions accessible to Guard members, we demonstrate that their service is valuable to us, and that their education will help them continue to make Colorado a better place [SB 05-53].

Angie has protected access to higher education for military families
Angie has pushed several bills to protect and expand in-state tuition status for military families. She co-sponsored legislation protecting in-state tuition status for military personnel and their dependents, as well as Colorado National Guard. Angie also co-sponsored legislation guaranteeing that in-state status applies to their dependents. She has also co-sponsored legislation ensuring Colorado residents who joined the military only have to pay in-state tuition when they return to Colorado [HB 04-1347; HB 04-1006; SB 05-158; SB 06-32].

Angie made sure military families had access to College Opportunity Funds
Angie co-sponsored legislation guaranteeing that members of the military and their dependents can use College Opportunity Funds to qualify for education programs on military bases. This way those on active duty and their families receive financial support to pursue their education [SB 06-31].

Angie Paccione firmly stands beside Colorado's servicemen and women. Angie makes sure that these brave citizens receive the best possible educational opportunities, financial support, assistance to families, protections from unfair practices, and most of all, honor and recognition for all their services and sacrifices that they provide for this state and this country.



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