The latest independent poll released Monday by RT Strategies and Constituent Dynamics shows Angie with 48 percent to Marilyn Musgrave's 45 percent!

That poll has Angie winning by the same margin as the previous poll by Strategic Services which showed Angie leading 45 to 42!

And the Washington publication, Cook Political Report, seeing Angie's strong support from voters in the Fourth District, has just moved our race up in the ratings from "lean Republican" to a "toss up."

The Fourth District is ready for change, and Angie is ready to bring it!

"Veterans for Angie" Rallies for Principled Leadership! 

A group of U.S. military veterans and their families, joined by State Rep. Angie Paccione and U.S. Congressman Bob Filner, the senior Democratic member on the House Committee on Veterans Affairs, gathered today to announce Veterans for Angie, a bipartisan group of veterans that have come together to support Paccione in her run for Congress.

Click here to read the press release. Click here to see more photos.

It's Time To Walk With Angie!

I am grateful for the continued support that you have given this campaign in our effort to bring principled leadership to Colorado’s Fourth Congressional District.  We are well into October, and we have one exciting week left to make our goal a reality.  This is a race with national implications!  The eyes of the nation are on us.  

I need you to speak personally with your neighbors about the strong values that are driving our campaign.  We are in an election that could be decided by just a few hundred votes.  It is crucial that we talk to as many voters as possible.  This will make the difference between winning and losing!

Please contact one of my Regional Field Directors listed below to get plugged into our door-to-door program.  This is the single most important thing you can do to retire Marilyn Musgrave.  If you are serious about electing a representative who will stand up to the special interests and powerful politicians, then grab a walk packet.  Unless you want Marilyn Musgrave to continue pursuing her extremist agenda and caving in to the special interests, seize this important moment in American history by turning out the vote!

Again, thank you for your continued support!

Best to you,

Angie Paccione

Field Contacts: 

Longmont—Joe O’Sullivan—(970) 308-4245   joe@angie2006.com

Loveland—Joe Smyth—(970)308-5563  joesmyth@angie2006.com

Greeley—Greta Hume—(970)308-2859  greta@angie2006.com

Fort Collins—Adam Faitek—(970)388-6317  adamf@angie2006.com

Greeley office :  815 1/2 9th St., Unit 1 (right across from the Weld County Democrat HQ)

Fort Collins office : 606 S. Mason St. (right across from Avogadro’s Number) 


"If you want to change Congress, you have to change the people you send to Congress."

(click here, or on the image to see the Channel 4 TV video)

The Denver Post Endorses Angie!

The endorsement, which was titled, "Paccione's Winning Energy" included these words:

"We believe Paccione offers the district its best bet for strong representation in Washington. She has been a productive member of the Colorado House, steering legislation into law to increase penalties against adults who supply alcohol to minors. She co-sponsored a tough bill this year aimed at methamphetamine abuse, which was signed into law."

"In Congress, Musgrave has pursued an extreme agenda and has offered all-too-predictable support for the president on issues ranging from restrictions on embryonic stem cell research to tax and war policy. Her largest burden, though, is that she simply hasn't much to show for her four years in Congress. "

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Watch Angie's Latest TV AD!

Angie says to Marilyn:


Hear Angie's Priorities For America!

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At a candidate forum at The Ranch on Oct. 10th, Angie gave a rousing speech to a thunderous crowd.

About Marilyn's scandalous voting record 
in Congress, Angie looked Marilyn in the eye, and said: "Shame On You!"

(Click here, or on the image to see Angie's speech)

(Click here, or on SpecialInterestMarilyn.com to see Marilyn's scandalous voting record)

General Wesley Clark Endorses Angie!

Sept. 28th: General Wesley Clark, former Supreme Commander of the Allied forces in Europe, endorsed Angie Paccione.

General Clark said,  “Angie Paccione is just the kind of leader Colorado deserves to have in Washington, DC. Her commitment to public service provides Angie with the experience and perspective we need on Capitol Hill in these trying times at home and abroad. That’s why I am proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with her in this campaign. She will be part of Colorado’s team in Washington to stand up and give people the peace of mind of knowing that government is doing its work while they are doing theirs." 
(click here to read the press release) 

Listen to Angie's Radio Ads: Click Here

Angie Pledges to Support Rocky Mountain National Park Wilderness

On Sept. 12th, Angie visited Rocky Mountain National Park to pledge her support for its wilderness designation. Marilyn Musgrave has been blocking this designation, despite its support from over 50 government agencies, elected officials, and conservation groups.

Read the press release here, and see the list of supporters for RMNP wilderness.





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