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CD-4 Race Officially a “Toss Up”

10/31/2006 | Read More

Veterans Rally for Angie Paccione

10/30/2006 | Read More

How Much Will “Special Interest Marilyn” Pay to Buy Your Vote? One Dollar.

10/29/2006 | Read More

“Special Interest Marilyn” Feeds Off of Big Oil Profits

10/27/2006 | Read More

Paccione in Lead According to Latest Polling

10/25/2006 | Read More

Will Marilyn’s Third Denial Come During the Debate?

10/24/2006 | Read More

“Special Interest Marilyn” Bites the Hand That Feeds Her

10/22/2006 | Read More

Does “Special Interest Marilyn” Support Defrauding Taxpayers?

10/19/2006 | Read More

Musgrave: Stopping Gay Marriage More Important Than Stopping Internet Predators

10/18/2006 | Read More

Denver Post Endorses Angie Paccione

10/15/2006 | Read More

Has Marilyn Dropped Morality from Her Priorities List?

10/13/2006 | Read More

“Special Interest Marilyn” Should Return $5,000 in Bribery Money

10/13/2006 | Read More

EMILY’s List Announces Endorsement of Angie Paccione

10/12/2006 | Read More

Republican Mired in Foley Scandal Heads Up Musgrave’s Attacks Against Paccione

10/9/2006 | Read More

Paccione Has Record Fundraising Quarter

10/9/2006 | Read More

When Will Musgrave Stand Up for Moral Values?

10/6/2006 | Read More

Will Musgrave Continue to Cover Up Foley Sex Scandal?

10/5/2006 | Read More

Angie Paccione Demands that Dennis Hastert Step Down

10/3/2006 | Read More

Paccione Makes Pledge on Congressional Pay Raises

9/30/2006 | Read More

Paccione Endorses Plan for Colorado’s New Energy Future

9/29/2006 | Read More

General Wesley Clark Endorses Angie

9/29/2006 | Read More

Paccione Calls on Musgrave to Stop Stalling on Agriculture Disaster Relief

9/26/2006 | Read More

Musgrave’s Failed Security Policies Make America Less Safe

9/25/2006 | Read More

Musgrave Declares “Cultural War” Against Minorities

9/24/2006 | Read More

Marilyn “Mail Fraud” Musgrave Adds Insult to Injury

9/21/2006 | Read More

DCCC Chooses Paccione as Red to Blue Candidate

9/18/2006 | Read More

"Special Interest Marilyn" Invites Partner in Crime to Colorado

9/18/2006 | Read More

National Farmers Union PAC Endorses Angie Paccione

9/15/2006 | Read More

Will “Special Interest Marilyn” Return $5,000 in Money Tied to Bribery?

9/15/2006 | Read More

"Special Interest Marilyn" Caught Lying on Network Television

9/14/2006 | Read More

Angie Paccione Airs First TV Ad in CD-4 Race

9/12/2006 | Read More

Angie Paccione Signs Pledge Supporting Rocky Mountain National Park Wilderness Designation

9/12/2006 | Read More

“Angie Shows Up Tour” Coming to Northern Colorado Cities This Week

9/11/2006 | Read More

Angie Paccione Endorsed by Twenty-First Century Democrats

9/7/2006 | Read More

Paccione Campaign Breaks $1 Million Mark

9/5/2006 | Read More

Musgrave Grants Amnesty to Employers Who Hire Illegally

9/1/2006 | Read More

Musgrave Working Hard to Make College Unaffordable

9/1/2006 | Read More

Musgrave Ignored Katrina Victims to Court Special Interests

8/28/2006 | Read More

Angie Paccione Given "Friend of the Farm Bureau" Award

8/24/2006 | Read More

Business Women's Group Endorses Angie Paccione

8/18/2006 | Read More

Marilyn's Culture of Corruption and Special Interests on Display in Loveland, CO

8/16/2006 | Read More

Musgrave Holds More Cover-Up Hearings on Veterans

8/15/2006 | Read More

Musgrave's Policies Stand in the Way of Small-Business Success

8/10/2006 | Read More

Angie Paccione Calls on Musgrave to Return Bob Ney's Tainted Money

8/7/2006 | Read More

Musgrave Deceives Her Constituents About Rocky Mountain National Park

8/5/2006 | Read More

Angie Paccione Releases Statement on Debate with Musgrave

8/4/2006 | Read More

Rahm Emanuel Hosts Fundraiser for Angie Paccione

8/2/2006 | Read More

Sallie Mae Pays Off Musgrave for Her Votes

8/2/2006 | Read More

DCCC Reserves $630,000 in Ads for CD-4

8/2/2006 | Read More

Angie Paccione Embarks on Second Leg of "We the People Tour"

7/31/2006 | Read More

Paccione Calls on Musgrave to Return Tainted Special Interest Money

7/27/2006 | Read More

Angie Paccione Launches "We the People Tour"

7/26/2006 | Read More

Gas Prices and Profits Reach All-Time High, Musgrave Complicit

7/24/2006 | Read More

Angie Paccione Addresses American Federation of Teachers

7/21/2006 | Read More

Musgrave, Bush Inseparable

7/21/2006 | Read More

Musgrave Votes to Outsource National Security, Jobs

7/20/2006 | Read More

Musgrave Supports Special Interests, Opposes Disease Cures

7/19/2006 | Read More

Gay Marriage: Musgrave Caves to Special Interests, Again

7/18/2006 | Read More

Angie Paccione Calls on President to Buck Special Interests, Sign Stem Cell Bill

7/18/2006 | Read More

Angie Paccione Outraises Marilyn Musgrave by $60,000

7/16/2006 | Read More

Marilyn Musgrave Votes Against Voting Rights

7/13/2006 | Read More

Michael Schiavo and Angie Paccione Deliver Letter to Marilyn Musgrave

7/12/2006 | Read More

Angie Lauds Colorado Immigration Reform

7/11/2006 | Read More

Angie Paccione Helps Pass Tough Immigration Reform Measure

7/8/2006 | Read More

Angie Paccione Raises Nearly 300,000 in Second Quarter

7/8/2006 | Read More

Angie Paccione Condemns Musgrave Attack Ads

7/7/2006 | Read More

Immigration Bill Sponsored By Angie Paccione Passes House

7/7/2006 | Read More

Angie Paccione Supports Tough Special Session Legislation

7/6/2006 | Read More

Angie Paccione Comments On Japanese Beef Ban

7/3/2006 | Read More

Paccione's ID Theft Law Takes Effect

6/30/2006 | Read More

Musgrave Stalls on Immigration Reform

6/29/2006 | Read More

Musgrave Opposes RMNP Wilderness

6/29/2006 | Read More

Paccione Urges College Loan Consolidation

6/23/2006 | Read More

Musgrave Votes Herself A Pay Raise

6/16/2006 | Read More

Musgrave Fails to Support Disaster Aid for Farmers

6/15/2006 | Read More

New Poll Shows Musgrave Most Vulnerable Incumbent in America

6/14/2006 | Read More

Paccione Supports Colorado Ethanol Industry

6/13/2006 | Read More

DeLay's Departure Signals Corruption's Demise

6/9/2006 | Read More

Musgrave's Election Year Ploy: Gay Marriage Amendment

6/8/2006 | Read More

Paccione Bill Helps With Renewable Energy

6/7/2006 | Read More

Paccione Bill On Human Trafficking Becomes Law

6/7/2006 | Read More

Angie Paccione Keynotes JFK Dinner in Southeastern Colorado

6/1/2006 | Read More

Angie Paccione Answers Call to Represent CD-4

5/20/2006 | Read More

Musgrave Takes From The Poor, Gives To The Rich

5/17/2006 | Read More

Paccione Calls For Extension of Medicare Rx Deadline

5/12/2006 | Read More

Paccione Bill Contributes to Comprehensive Immigration Reform

5/6/2006 | Read More

Musgrave Votes for Gas Gougers

5/4/2006 | Read More

Musgrave Votes for "Sham" Lobbyist Bill

5/3/2006 | Read More

Musgrave Supports Lobbyist Protection Act

5/2/2006 | Read More

Angie Paccione Sponsors Stem Cell Resolution

5/2/2006 | Read More

Musgrave's Vote Record is for High Gas Prices

4/27/2006 | Read More

Paccione Q1 Fundraising Excellent

4/11/2006 | Read More

Another Baseless Musgrave Smear Attack

4/11/2006 | Read More

Paccione to Musgrave: "Where is DeLay's money?"

4/4/2006 | Read More

Musgrave Votes Against Port Security

3/21/2006 | Read More

Musgrave Votes To Put Pregnant Women At Risk

3/9/2006 | Read More

Musgrave-backed Ethics Complaint Rejected

3/9/2006 | Read More

Musgrave Votes to Raise Taxes on Middle-class Families

2/10/2006 | Read More

Angie Paccione Condemns Social Security Cuts

2/9/2006 | Read More

Musgrave's Votes Strip College Student Funding

2/8/2006 | Read More

Groundhog Day Politics: Angie's Response to the State of the Union

2/2/2006 | Read More

Paccione's 4th Quarter Contributions Show Voters Hungry for Change

1/17/2006 | Read More

Musgrave Votes For Torture

12/19/2005 | Read More


12/5/2005 | Read More

Angie Paccione Links Musgrave To Big Oil Money

11/15/2005 | Read More

Musgrave Patron Tom Delay Faces Criminal Indictment

10/1/2005 | Read More




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