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Musgrave Patron Tom Delay Faces Criminal Indictment - 10/1/2005


Ft. Collins-Representative Angie Paccione today called for Marilyn Musgrave to fully disclose her cozy relationship with her political patron, indicted former House Majority Leader Tom Delay.

Delay, who now faces a grand jury indictment for criminal conspiracy, funneled nearly $30,000 into Musgrave's campaigns.

"The indictment of Tom Delay is just one small step toward fixing what is wrong with Washington," declared Paccione, the majority caucus leader in the Colorado House of Representatives, who is running to replace Musgrave in Colorado's 4th Congressional District. "It is time that we change the culture that consistently puts special interests first and leaves Colorado families last."

"Musgrave has made a career of standing by politicians like Tom DeLay and it's time Colorado had a member of Congress who is more interested in fighting for Colorado families than in defending her crooked friends. The fact that Marilyn has accepted large sums of money from Tom Delay, and steadfastly defends his actions, makes it clear whose side she is really on."

Musgrave has remained one of the strongest supporters of the scandal-tainted power broker, even as the legal clouds gathered around DeLay, his cronies and their extremist agenda. "I support Tom Delay," Musgrave flatly declared only three months ago. Apparently bought and paid for, she also voted with Tom DeLay more than nine times out of ten.

While other Republicans criticized Tom DeLay for his numerous ethics violations and allegations of influence peddling, Musgrave tried to protect him by subverting the rules of the House Ethics Committee.

The grand jury's criminal indictment of DeLay is only the latest political blow for Musgrave. Because of her weak showing in the 2004 election, Republican strategists listed Musgrave among their most vulnerable candidates.


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