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Musgrave Votes Against Port Security - 3/21/2006

Angie Paccione for Congress
For Immediate Release March 21, 2006
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Marilyn Musgrave votes against American port security
Musgrave’s vote puts American lives at risk
Ft. Collins, CO -- Marilyn Musgrave, saying one thing in Colorado and doing exactly the opposite in Washington, has voted to block funding for U.S. port security, a decision that threatens our national security and puts American lives at risk.
Musgrave claimed in a Ft. Collins Coloradoan editorial this month that she consistently supports additional funding and domestic control of our seaports. Only ten days later, she voted against providing $825 million to improve port safety.
"What in the world is Musgrave doing in Washington?" asked Angie Paccione, who is running against Musgrave in the 4th Congressional District of Colorado. "Musgrave’s vote against making our ports safer shows just how radically out of touch she is with the priorities of ordinary Americans."
“This is another example of how Marilyn talks one way and votes another,'" Paccione said of Musgrave’s latest flip-flop. “Whether it is doing favors for special interests or standing against improving port security, Marilyn's record never seems to match her words."
The crucial security vote came just as the thwarted Dubai Ports World deal made all Americans aware of the vulnerability of American seaports.
The Port Security proposal that Musgrave voted against would have provided $300 million to expand inspections of containers coming in from abroad, $125 million to increase port inspections and surveillance, and $400 million to place radiation detection devices at all U.S. ports of entry.
A copy of the editorial in which Musgrave said she supported funding port security is on her webpage:
A copy of a news press release about the port security funding amendment, that Musgrave voted against, can be found at: /free_details.asp?id=15

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