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Another Baseless Musgrave Smear Attack - 4/11/2006


For Immediate Release
April 11, 2006
Contact: Gary Chandler 970-308-0986

Another Baseless Smear from the Corrupt Marilyn Musgrave

Quote: “Marilyn has absolutely no ethical compass.”

(Fort Collins, CO)  Fourth District Congressional Candidate Angie Paccione is once again the target of baseless smears by the war chest-funded attack machine of Marilyn Musgrave and the Weld County Republican Party. Ron Buxman, a heavy Musgrave contributor, a once-aspiring politician, and the current Vice-Chair of the Weld County Republican Party submitted another groundless ethics complaint against Paccione to the Federal Elections Committee.

“Here we go again: more dirty tricks,” said Paccione, who is running against Musgrave, a congresswoman named one of the ‘13 Most Corrupt Members of Congress’ by the bipartisan group, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

“Musgrave’s tactic is to attack me about the very issues she is most vulnerable on,” added Paccione. “She’s deep inside the corruption in Congress. Her connections to Tom DeLay, Duke Cunningham, and Jack Abramoff show that she’s on the side of the most crooked powerbrokers in D.C. It's bad enough that Musgrave voted to gut Congressional ethics rules to keep Tom Delay in power, but now that he has been indicted and forced from office, it's time for her to give back the $30,000 she received from DeLay’s PAC."

“What is Marilyn doing with DeLay’s money?” asked Paccione. “Is she using it to fund these baseless smears against me? She must figure the only way she can win this race is to drag me down to her level.”

The latest baseless complaint came from Buxman, whose family is a significant contributor to Musgrave. FEC records show that Buxman and his family contributed a total $1,650 to Musgrave’s campaigns. Buxman once ran for office in House District 48 in Weld County, but withdrew prior to the election, citing a “youthful indiscretion” that would have damaged his family and his reputation.

“I don’t know if Mr. Buxman should be lecturing others about ethics. I wonder if Musgrave honored him on the U.S. House floor, too?” asked Paccione, referring to similar frivolous complaint that came from another Republican operative, Fort Collins resident Sally Fox. After all the facts were revealed, it turned out that Fox and her husband were big financial supporters of Musgrave’s campaigns, and that Fox had been ‘honored’ on the U.S. House floor by Musgrave just days prior to her signing the complaint against Paccione.

“Marilyn was busted as a hypocrite on this issue once already,” said Paccione. “Not only did a bipartisan group vote the Musgrave-funded complaint out of the State Legislature, but it was actually revealed that Marilyn and Fox had done exactly what they falsely accused me of. Marilyn has absolutely no ethical compass.”

Paccione commented that, “Musgrave is deeply engrained in the culture of corruption in Washington, D.C. Maybe she thinks these false charges will play better with her crooked friends in D.C. than they did here in Colorado. It's just another example that Marilyn Musgrave has become more about Washington than Colorado.”

Paccione added, “Mugrave proves once again that she is totally out of touch with the values of Colorado.”


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