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Paccione Q1 Fundraising Excellent - 4/11/2006


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April 11, 2006
Contact: Gary Chandler 970-308-0986

Paccione Has Excellent Q1 Fundraising Total and Receives High-Profile Endorsement from Colorado AFL-CIO

Quote: "I'm throwing down the gauntlet on Marilyn Musgrave!"

(Fort Collins, CO) Angie Paccione today announced that she had an excellent first quarter fundraising total despite dedicating her work-week to her State Representative position. Paccione is the State Representative from House District 53 in Northern Colorado. The legislature was in session for all but ten days of the first quarter. 

Paccione’s fundraising total for Q1 was $152,650, coming from 1,085 contributors. Paccione’s total fundraising for her Congressional campaign is now over $412,000 from over 2,600 individual contributors.

“These numbers are great!” said Paccione. “I’m throwing down the gauntlet on Marilyn Musgrave. Voters in the 4th Congressional District want new leadership in Washington. I will deliver!”

Of Paccione’s 1,085 first quarter contributors, 90% are Coloradans, 85% of the contributions were for $100 or less, and 70% of contributors were from the 4th Congressional District of Colorado.

This fundraising breakdown contrasts wildly with that of Paccione’s opponent, Marilyn Musgrave, who was reported to have raised $400,000 by flying President Bush into Denver in November for a $1,000/plate lunch with 400 super-rich donors.

“Everywhere I go, I deliver a message of hope and change,” said Paccione.  “Musgrave’s war chest has come from the super-rich and special interests. She’s swirling in the corruption in Congress. My message goes straight to the voters, and they want change.”

Adding to Paccione’s first quarter success came a high-profile endorsement from the Colorado AFL-CIO. Steve Adams, President of the Colorado AFL-CIO, said, “Angie has been a good supporter of Colorado working men and women in the State Legislature. We will enjoy her Congressional victory in November.”  

The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) is a voluntary federation of 54 national and international labor unions that represents 9 million working women and men of every race and ethnicity and from every walk of life. Since its founding, the AFL-CIO and its affiliate unions have been the single most effective force in America for enabling working people to build better lives and futures for their families.

“I’m absolutely honored to receive the Colorado AFL-CIO endorsement,” said Paccione. “In the Statehouse, I’ve tried hard to represent families and working men and women, not special interests. In stark contrast, Marilyn Musgrave’s votes in Congress have shipped American jobs overseas, increased healthcare costs, and cut pension and educational programs. She’s completely out of touch with voters in the 4th CD.”  

“It’s time for change,” added Paccione. “The ‘pay-to-play’ corruption that surrounds Musgrave in Congress must stop.”


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