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Musgrave Votes for Gas Gougers - 5/4/2006


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MAY 4, 2006    

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“There she goes again,” says Angie Paccione


As gasoline prices at the pump continue to spike towards $3.00 per gallon, and as her Colorado constituents continue voicing their concerns, is Marilyn Musgrave going to fulfill her promise in her 2005 Congressional “Acheivement” Report to work for “lower gas prices for all Americans”?


Not today.


Given the opportunity to vote on a popular bill against price gouging by oil companies, Musgrave was one of 34 Republicans who voted yesterday on the side of Big Oil (H.R. 5253, Roll Call #115, 5/3/2006). While the Federal Energy Price Protection Act passed the U.S. House by a bipartisan vote of 389-34, without explanation, Marilyn Musgrave voted to protect Big Oil's windfall profits. Exxon just reported $8.4 billion in quarterly revenues. 


“What could possess Marilyn to thumb her nose at Coloradans like this?” asked State Representative and congressional candidate Angie Paccione. “She needs to finally start answering to her constituents.”


H.R. 5253 penalizes price gouging for gasoline, diesel fuel, crude oil, home heating oil and biofuels. The bill's provisions include:

         Directing the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to establish a national definition for "price gouging," avoiding varied definitions and interpretations at the state level;

         Providing for FTC and state attorney general enforcement and criminal enforcement by the Department of Justice;

         Establishing civil penalties for price gouging at a level of three times the ill-gotten gains for both wholesale and retail sellers;

         Criminalizing wholesale and retail violations with imprisonment for up to two years, or a fine of up to $150 million, or both;

“I'm outraged,” said Paccione. “Price gouging holds the American consumer captive. With all that her constituents are going through, Marilyn sides against them and with the very people squeezing their wallets. What next?”



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