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Musgrave Opposes RMNP Wilderness - 6/29/2006


For Immediate Release: June 29, 2006
Contact: James Thompson
(970) 222-6397


“Everyone else is on board, but apparently Marilyn has missed the train.”

FORT COLLINS—State Rep. Angie Paccione once again called on Marilyn Musgrave to support legislation designating Rocky Mountain National Park a wilderness area. Paccione demanded an answer from Musgrave about her opposition to moving forward with the designation.

Bills sponsored by Sen. Ken Salazar and Rep. Mark Udall (S. 1510 and H.R. 3193) have broad support of the local governments and Colorado citizens, but Musgrave has been holding up passage of the legislation by withholding her support.

Musgrave has put up a roadblock by calling for an economic analysis of the designation, although she admitted today, “I am not sure how the study will be conducted.” Meanwhile, citizens and town leaders have witnessed the park’s positive economic impact for years.

“What is she waiting for? Why does she oppose wilderness designation?” Paccione said. “Everyone else is on board, but apparently Marilyn has missed the train.”

The Estes Park Mayor, Town Board, and Economic Advisory Council all have approved of the wilderness designation. The park already has been managed as wilderness for decades and draws approximately 3 million visitors each year.

“Why won’t she listen to the local governments in her district or support the local economy? What special interests are pressuring her to hold off on this?” Paccione asked. “She’s out of touch with the citizens of Estes Park, and out of touch with all Coloradans, who consider Rocky Mountain National Park a state and national treasure.”


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