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Paccione's ID Theft Law Takes Effect - 6/30/2006

For Immediate  Release: June 30, 2006
Contact: James Thompson
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Angie Paccione
’s ID Theft Law Takes Effect Tomorrow

Will Marilyn Musgrave side with special interests and support a House Bill endangering the Colorado law and the victims?

FORT COLLINS—A law sponsored by Angie Paccione that will protect victims of identity theft—and would have protected the thousands of Colorado veterans whose information was on a stolen laptop in May—will go fully into effect on July 1.
SB05-137, which passed during the 2005 session, allows people to place a security freeze their credit report if they suspect their identities and credit information have been stolen. The bill would have helped to protect a sizable number of the 26.5 million veterans whose information was stolen last month from the home of a Department of Veterans Affairs employee. (The laptop has since been recovered, and authorities are trying to determine if the information was accessed.)
But a measure under consideration in Congress will weaken the protections Paccione’s bill offers to retired and active duty military as well as private citizens. H.R. 3997, the proposed Financial Data Protection Act of 2006, backed by the financial services industry, invalidates legislation already enacted in 17 states and makes it more difficult for identity theft victims to protect themselves. It forces people to show proof that their identities have been stolen and used by the thieves, which is next to impossible in many cases.
“That’s nonsense! Since when do we let a crime happen when we can prevent it?” said Paccione. “If we catch a burglar picking a lock, do we wait for him to go inside and grab the TV before we arrest him? I don’t think so.”

Rep. Marilyn Musgrave, Paccione’s opponent in the Fourth District race, has a record of backing big business and other special interests at the expense of ordinary citizens and small-business owners.

“The entire point of the bill was to protect people from further harm after a terrible violation of their privacy,” Paccione said. “Does Marilyn want these same people to file a police report describing exactly how their stolen identities were used before they can take action? How’s a homebound World War II vet supposed to do that? This is an unacceptable burden for people whose livelihoods are in immediate danger because of ID theft.”

Paccione added, “Marilyn needs to stand up for victims of ID theft, not side with financial institutions that further victimize the victims.”


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