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Gay Marriage: Musgrave Caves to Special Interests, Again - 7/18/2006

For Immediate Release: July 18, 2006
Contact: James Thompson
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“What is Marilyn trying to hide?” asks Angie Paccione.

WASHINGTON, D.C.—For the second election year in a row, Marilyn Musgrave went against her word, using her proposed constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage as a cover-up.

State Rep. Angie Paccione, Musgrave’s Democratic opponent in the race for Colorado’s Fourth Congressional District, said the “Marriage Protection Act” is another election-year ploy to distract the American public from Musgrave’s party leadership’s failures and their corrupt ties to special interests.

Even though the Senate already has overwhelmingly rejected the amendment, Musgrave continues to play politics with America’s Consitution for political gain.

“What is Marilyn trying to hide? The American people can see right through her desperate attempt to distract our attention from scandals, corruption, the war, skyrocketing gas prices, you name it,” Paccione said. “This political ploy is deceitful and deplorable.”

Denver’s conservative Rocky Mountain News today cited Musgrave’s election-year ploy as “certain to be used in drives” to draw exremist voters to the polls, “as it was used to great effect in 2004.”

Musgrave tried to write discrimination into the Constitution when she introduced a similar bill in 2004, breaking her promise not to focus on social wedge issues. She is now breaking a similar promise she made last year not to push for legislation. 

“Marilyn is at it again. She just can’t help herself,” Paccione said. “She’s vulnerable and she needs a scapegoat, so she goes against her word and chooses to blame decent, hardworking Americans for our nation’s problems in order protect the corrupt special interests who are really to blame. You just can’t trust her.”

Paccione added that the proposed amendment would be the only constitutional amendment that actually permits discrimination and the breach of privacy.

“She’s hypocritical about her own party’s belief in smaller government, and she’s attacking the privacy protections that have been guaranteed to the American people for over 200 years,” Paccione said. “The federal government needs to stay out of our homes, out of our doctors’ offices, and off our phone lines.”

Paccione added, “When is she going to address the problems our nation faces, instead of covering up for the corrupt special interests? I will stand up to special interests, and provide real leadership for a change.”


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