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Musgrave Votes to Outsource National Security, Jobs - 7/20/2006

For Immediate Release: July 20, 2006
Contact: James Thompson
(970) 222-6397


Marilyn Musgrave once again puts special interests ahead of national security.

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Marilyn Musgrave today sided with special interests and voted for a trade agreement with Oman that will jeopardize security at our nation’s ports and undercut American jobs.

The trade pact could allow companies like Dubai Ports World to establish subsidiaries in Oman with which to acquire U.S. port operations. Musgrave previously had criticized the scrapped Dubai deal as “foolish,” “insane,” and “outrageous,” and with this vote she is actually facilitating such a deal in the future.

“Marilyn has said she supports port security, but once again she went back on her word,” Paccione said. “She is endangering American citizens in order to please foreign special interests.”

Earlier this year, Musgrave opposed stronger port security by voting against measures that would provide funding for port security.

Among the measures that Musgrave opposed were $300 million for inspection of high-risk containers at overseas ports that ship directly to the United States; $400 million for radiation monitors at U.S. ports; and $722 million for improved port and infrastructure security.

“There she goes again,” Paccione said. “Her record clearly shows that she’d rather provide tax cuts for special interests than provide security for our nation.”

The agreement also will lead to more outsourcing of American jobs to Oman, where forced labor and other violations of international labor standards are common. Special interests that have pushed Washington for the agreement will benefit from cheap labor at the expense of American jobs and labor rights.

“She’s outsourcing American jobs, and she’s outsourcing our national security,” Paccione said. “Who is she working for, the American people or the special interests? Unlike Marilyn Musgrave, I will provide principled leadership and stand up to the special interests that try to profit from putting our nation at risk.”

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