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Musgrave, Bush Inseparable - 7/21/2006

For Immediate Release: July 21, 2006
Contact: James Thompson
(970) 222-6397 


Marilyn Musgrave proudly sides with President Bush and corrupt special interests.

DENVER—President George W. Bush is coming to Colorado today for a $1,000-a-plate luncheon with deep-pockets special interests and Republican Members of Congress, including Marilyn Musgrave.

While in Congress, Musgrave has been a staunch and tireless supporter of President Bush, and vice versa. Her support of his failed policies has hurt veterans, farmers, and other hardworking Americans.

Bush has helped Musgrave raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in special interest money, and he has appeared in photographs with Musgrave cheek-to-cheek (photo) and kissing her on the head (photo).

Both also have very close ties to convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff, convicted Congressman Randall “Duke” Cunningham, and Rep. Tom DeLay, who has been indicted on felony money-laundering charges. Musgrave's allegiance to the powerful special interests in Washington led her to publicly honor the disgraced DeLay. Musgrave refuses to return the $30,000 she received from DeLay, who funnelled money to Musgrave from Jack Abramoff and co-conspirators of Cunningham.

“Bush and Marilyn have a very intimate relationship, and it’s no wonder they’re so close,” said State Rep. Angie Paccione. “They’re both in bed with convicts and corrupt special interests.”

Paccione said both politicians share the same do-nothing approach on matters of national importance, including immigration, national security, and high energy prices. She noted that the vast majority of Musgrave’s campaign money comes from special interests outside of Colorado and from elite fundraisers with Bush.

“Marilyn has continually sided with Bush’s special-interest buddies when voting against increasing border patrol agents, against funding homeland security, and against gasoline price-gouging laws,” Paccione said. “On most issues, like healthcare, education, and the economy, Marilyn and the President are actually moving the country backward.”

Paccione added, “We need real leadership for a change. I am a principled leader, I won’t be ordered around by special interests, and I won’t be a rubber stamp for President Bush.”

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