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Musgrave's Policies Stand in the Way of Small-Business Success - 8/10/2006

For Immediate Release: August 10, 2006
Contact: James Thompson
(970) 222-6397

Musgraves Policies Stand in the Way of Small-Business Success

Marilyn Musgrave holds another taxpayer-financed campaign event to distract from her special-interest policies.

LOVELAND—Marilyn Musgrave is once again using her powers of office to campaign for re-election, with another public hearing designed to cover up her record of caving in to special interests.

This time the theme was “Healthcare and Small Business,” and Musgrave’s record in those areas stands in stark contrast to the hearing’s stated intentions.

“Marilyn doesn’t care about small businesses, or about healthcare,” Paccione said. “She cares about wealthcare, making sure that special interests like the giant corporations, the insurance industry, and the pharmaceutical companies can stay rich.”

In 2005, Musgrave voted against a plan to lower health insurance costs for small businesses (HR 525, Vote #424, 7/26/2005). The plan allowed small-business employers to utilize low-cost health insurance plans, allowed statewide health pools for small businesses, and provided subsidies to help small-business employers cover their employees.

Musgrave supports a type of Association Health Plan (AHP) that leaves businesses and their employees vulnerable to price gouging by the insurance industry, allows for the elimination of coverage for breast cancer and other ailments, and strips states of their traditional authority.

State Rep. Angie Paccione, who in 2003 helped create Colorado’s small group health insurance market for small businesses, said that preempting state authority creates more costs, more confusion, and leaves more employees out in the
cold. Paccione’s record has been built on finding bipartisan, market-based solutions that encourage competitiveness to increase access to health insurance and reduce prescription drug costs.

“It’s important that small businesses are able to provide health care options to their employees,” said Paccione, “but Marilyn’s heavy-handed special-interest legislation preempts Colorado’s commonsense approach to broadening access to health insurance.”

Musgrave also voted to increase health insurance premiums while cutting coverage to employees (HR 525 , Vote #426, 7/26/2005) .

In June of this year, Musgrave voted against adding $40 million to the Small Business Administration’s loan program to ease the burden on small-business owners
(H.AMDT.1103 and to H.R.5672). The bill passed, in spite of Musgrave’s vote.

In addition, last year Musgrave voted to cut $79 million in funding for small-business owners (HR 2862, Vote #246, 6/14/2005) and voted against an amendment providing a $40 million boost to small-business loan programs (H.AMDT.255 to H.R.2862).

Paccione said the hearing’s subtitle, “Real Options for Colorado Businesses,” is misleading, given Musgrave’s atrocious record on small business.

“Real options? The only option that Musgrave leaves for small businesses is to close down,” Paccione said. “Marilyn sides with the special interests and giant corporations whose main goal is to crush small businesses for obscene profit. A chunk of that profit goes back to Marilyn in the form of campaign contributions.”

“I will stand up for healthcare, for small business owners, and against the wealthy special interests and powerful politicians,” Paccione added.

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