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Musgrave Ignored Katrina Victims to Court Special Interests - 8/28/2006

For Immediate Release: August 28, 2006
Contact: James Thompson
(970) 222-6397

Musgrave Ignored Katrina Victims to Court Special Interests

One year later, Musgraves record of hostility toward hurricane victims is disgraceful.

FORT COLLINS—One year after Hurricane Katrina, with the Gulf Coast still in ruins, Marilyn Musgrave continues to stand in the way of commonsense solutions, voting against disaster relief and recovery spending and instead voting in favor of giveaways to special interests.

“Hurricane Katrina was a national calamity, yet Marilyn Musgrave turned her back on her fellow Americans in order to give tax cuts to the rich and provide outright giveaways to the special interests,” said State Rep. Angie Paccione.

In March, Musgrave voted to strip $19.1 billion in hurricane relief from an emergency supplemental bill in May (HR 4939, 3/16/2006, Vote #57).

Musgrave also voted against $430 million to strengthen life-saving levees (HR 4939, 3/16/2006, Vote #51), and voted to delete all funding related to hurricane disaster relief and recovery (HR 4939, 3/16/2006, Vote #64).

That same month, Musgrave voted against an amendment that would have extended a filing deadline for disaster applications with the Small Business Administration, an agency whose failure in the wake of the hurricane and September 11 has been a disgrace (HR 4939, 3/15/2006, Vote #51).

Musgrave sits on the House Small Business Committee, yet said that former SBA head Hector Barreto “has served us well,” despite the mismanagement of $5 billion in small business loans to those affected by September 11, and the embarrassing inability of the “Slow Business Administration” to process loan applications after Katrina. 

“We are one country, and we should be united in times of disaster,” said Paccione. “Marilyn should be ashamed of herself for choosing to side with the special interests at the expense of the victims of the worst natural disaster in American history.”

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