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Angie Paccione Airs First TV Ad in CD-4 Race - 9/12/2006

For Immediate Release: September 12, 2006
Contact: James Thompson
(970) 222-6397

Angie Paccione Airs First TV Ad in CD-4 Race

Angie Paccione’s positive message of change is reaching thousands upon thousands of viewers.


FORT COLLINS—Momentum continues to build in the Angie Paccione for Congress campaign, as the first television advertisement for State Rep. Angie Paccione aired today in the Denver market, a 30-second spot highlighting Paccione’s dedication to returning principled leadership to Congress.

It was the first TV ad produced by any candidate in the Fourth Congressional District race, and it carries an overwhelmingly positive message of change.

“What this administration and what this Congress has done is sold out to the special interests,” Paccione says in the ad. “I will stand up to the special interests and the powerful politicians. You can count on it. That’s what I promise you.”

Paccione predicted that given her opponent Marilyn Musgrave’s terrible record, she would soon try to counter the ads with negative personal attacks on Paccione.

“Marilyn is desperate, her approval ratings are an abysmal 34 percent, and the polls show lackluster support for her, even though she’s a two-term incumbent. So all she can do is try to attack my character,” Paccione said. “But it won’t work, because the people want principled leadership, and they know that I will fight for them in Congress.”

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