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Will “Special Interest Marilyn” Return $5,000 in Money Tied to Bribery? - 9/15/2006

For Immediate Release: September 15, 2006
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Will Special Interest Marilyn Return $5,000 in Money Tied to Bribery?

Angie Paccione calls on Marilyn Musgrave to return campaign donations from felon Bob Ney.  

FORT COLLINS—State Rep. Angie Paccione, candidate for Colorado’s Fourth Congressional District, today called on her opponent Marilyn Musgrave to return $5,000 in tainted special-interest money she has accepted from Congressman Bob Ney, after Ney pleaded guilty to making false statements, conspiracy to commit fraud, and violation of federal lobbying laws in connection with the Jack Abramoff scandal. Ney faces up to ten years in prison.

Musgrave accepted $5,000 from Congressman Bob Ney’s American Liberty PAC. Both Abramoff and Michael Scanlon have admitted to bribing Ney for political favors.

Paccione said that even if Musgrave returns the money, “the damage has already been done.”

“Marilyn has betrayed the trust of her constituents by accepting more than $100,000 in tainted money, then voting at the behest of the powerful politicians and special interests,” Paccione said. “She should be representing the people of the Fourth District, not the corrupt culture of Washington, D.C.”

Musgrave has direct ties to the corruption that has scandalized Congress in recent months, and she has taken more than $100,000 from corrupt politicians who are felons, have been indicted for a felony, or are under investigation for crimes (see below).

“Just like they always say, follow the money,” Paccione said. “It all leads back to Marilyn’s ties to corrupt special interests. We need principled leadership in Congress for a change.”

More Tainted Money Taken by “Special Interest Marilyn”:

Musgrave has taken $50,000 from PACs funded by convicted former Congressman Randy “Duke” Cunningham and Brent Wilkes. Cunningham is serving more than eight years in jail for accepting bribes, and Wilkes is under investigation for bribing Cunningham. Wilkes is also under investigation in the DeLay money laundering scandal.

Of the $50,000 that Musgrave accepted, $30,000 came directly from Congressman Tom DeLay’s ARMPAC. DeLay has been indicted for money laundering, and ARMPAC was forced to shut down last week after the being fined by the federal government for failing to keep track of its funds.

Some Republicans have already returned or donated their ARMPAC contributions, including Rep. Jeb Bradley, Rep. Kenny Hulshof , and Rep. Heather Wilson.

The remaining $20,000 of the $50,000 in Cunningham/Wilkes money came from Congressman Jerry Lewis’ Future Leaders PAC. Lewis is currently under investigation for a scandal involving vote switching and directing government contracts to contributors.

Musgrave also took thousands of dollars from PACs directly funded by convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Abramoff pleaded guilty to felony fraud and was sentenced to five years and ten months in prison.

In one instance, Musgrave took $7,500 from Congressman Michael Oxley’s Leadership PAC, which was funded by Abramoff.

In addition, Musgrave took $21,000 from Congressman Roy Blunt’s Rely On Your Beliefs Fund (PAC), which was funded by Abramoff. Blunt is under investigation for his involvement in three different scandals, and helped Tom DeLay do favors for Abramoff clients.

Musgrave also took $20,000 from House Speaker Dennis Hastert’s Keep Our Majority PAC. Hastert received $100,000 from Abramoff and Abramoff’s clients, for whom he did favors in cooperation with Tom DeLay, and he is under investigation for making $1.8 million from a land deal by misusing his powers of office.

Musgrave took $3,000 from Congressman John Doolittle’s Superior California Fund (PAC). Doolittle is under investigation for giving PAC money to his wife, who helped organize fundraisers for Abramoff’s bogus charity, Capital Athletic Foundation.

Musgrave took $1,000 from Congressman Richard Pombo’s PAC. Pombo is under investigation for accepting money from Monsanto, and then voting on a bill to give Monsanto profits. Pombo received tens of thousands of dollars from Abramoff and his clients, and passed a bill to help one of Abramoff’s clients get recognition and money from the federal government. Pombo also refused to hold hearings on DeLay and Abramoff in the House Resources Committee.

Musgrave took $1,000 from Abramoff’s wife.

Musgrave took $1,000 from Congresswoman Katherine Harris’ Forward PAC. Harris is under investigation for bribery.

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