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"Special Interest Marilyn" Invites Partner in Crime to Colorado - 9/18/2006

For Immediate Release: September 18, 2006
Contact: James Thompson
(970) 222-6397

Special Interest Marilyn Invites Partner in Crime to Colorado

Two of the “13 Most Corrupt Members of Congress” share the stage in Greeley. Paccione urges Musgrave to “fess up.”

GREELEY—Marilyn Musgrave has invited one of her partners in crime, California Congressman Richard Pombo, to Colorado for another taxpayer-funded campaign event.

Pombo, like Musgrave a close associate of convicted felon Jack Abramoff and indicted felon Tom DeLay, is under investigation for making corrupt backroom deals in Congress. Pombo was named one of the “13 Most Corrupt Members of Congress” by the nonpartisan Citizens for Ethics and Responsibility in Washington.

Pombo took thousands in contributions from indicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff and Abramoff’s clients and then as payback refused to investigate Abramoff. Abramoff was convicted despite Pombo’s attempts to stifle the investigation.

Pombo and Jack Abramoff also colluded to protect the system of sweatshop labor and child exploitation on the Marianas Islands. Musgrave, who sits on Pombo’s House Resources Committee, has refused to endorse legislation stopping these practices on U.S. soil. 

Pombo has taken thousands in contributions from indicted former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, and in return contributed thousands to DeLay’s legal defense fund when DeLay was indicted.

Musgrave, who also has received tens of thousands in contributions from Abramoff and DeLay, was named one of the “13 Most Corrupt” for the reported abuse of her Congressional office to influence elections. Monday’s event is just another of several that Musgrave has staged in the weeks leading up to the election in order to cover up for her failed record in Congress.

It comes just days after former Congressman Bob Ney of Ohio pleaded guilty to felony charges in relation to the Jack Abramoff scandal. Musgrave has taken $5,000 from Bob Ney, who faces up to ten years in prison, and so far she has refused to return the tainted money.

On Friday, Paccione demanded that Musgrave return the tainted money. And on Monday, Paccione demanded that Musgrave return the $1,000 in campaign contributions she received from Pombo and come clean to voters about her ties to corrupt politicians and convicted felons. She also said Musgrave should “fess up about how much the taxpayers are paying for these election season campaign extravaganzas.”

“Monday’s sham hearing will no doubt be another fine display of corruption in Congress at its worst,” Paccione said. “How much are the taxpayers shelling out to fly Marilyn’s partner in crime to Colorado? How much are taxpayers being charged for Marilyn’s re-election campaign?”

Pombo, the head of the House Resources Committee, made news in Colorado earlier this month for his undue influence over Musgrave and her decision to leave Rocky Mountain National Park open for logging and mining, even though stakeholders, state lawmakers, and local governments have agreed that Rocky Mountain National Park deserves protection through wilderness designation.

“Musgrave needs to stop listening to corrupt California politicians and start listening to the people of Colorado,” Paccione said. “Just like she’s letting Pombo make decisions about our future, she’s letting the powerful politicians and special interests in Washington run roughshod over everything America stands for.”

Paccione said the people of Colorado’s Fourth District deserve better.

“The people deserve principled leadership,” she said, “They deserve someone who will stand up for them and against the special interests in Washington, D.C.”

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