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Musgrave Declares “Cultural War” Against Minorities - 9/24/2006

For Immediate Release: September 24, 2006
Contact: James Thompson
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Musgrave Declares “Cultural War” Against Minorities 

Marilyn Musgrave ignores her job in Congress, says gay marriage is the most important issue we face today.”

WASHINGTON, D.C.—In a the speech to fellow extremists last week, Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave claimed—twice—that gay marriage is the number one issue in America today, declaring an all-out “cultural war” and once again showing the people of her district and the entire nation that her priorities lie solely with the federal marriage amendment and not with the real concerns of the American people or with doing her job in Congress.

“As we face the issues that we are facing today, I don't think there’s anything more important out there than the marriage issue,” Musgrave said to a Family Research Council convention. She added, “I believe that when you’re in a cultural war like this, you have to respond with equal and hopefully greater force if you want to win this battle. But this battle is the most important issue that we face today.”

Musgrave also told the crowd that her responsibility to represent the people in Congress is of little or no importance compared with her crusade to ban gay marriage.

“It gives you freedom in Congress to do things of significance if being in Congress is not the biggest thing in your life,” Musgrave said, adding, “I want to stay in Congress, of course.”

State Rep. Angie Paccione, Musgrave’s opponent, said that Musgrave “can’t have it both ways,” and that she needs to decide between representing the people in her district or catering to rightwing extremists. Paccione added that Musgrave has long been “on the wrong side of the fence, possibly even on the wrong planet.”

“Is she living in the same district I’m living in?” Paccione said. “Because last time I checked, there was a real war in Iraq, a war on terrorism, farms were drying up, healthcare costs were skyrocketing, and home foreclosures were at record highs. This is no time for election-year ploys.”

Musgrave tried to write discrimination into the Constitution when she introduced a similar bill in 2004, breaking her promise not to focus on social wedge issues. She is now breaking a similar promise she made last year not to push for legislation.
Denver’s conservative Rocky Mountain News in July cited Musgrave’s election-year ploy as “certain to be used in drives” to draw exremist voters to the polls, “as it was used to great effect in 2004.”

Paccione said people want real results in Congress and are tired of the government intrusion in our homes and on our phone lines.

“We give her four years, and what does she do with it? All she has to show for it is a record of failed legislation,” Paccione said. “When is she going to stop caving in to the extremist special interests and start paying attention to the everyday concerns of the American people? We need principled leadership that will address those concerns head on, not ignore them to satisfy personal obsessions.”

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