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Musgrave’s Failed Security Policies Make America Less Safe - 9/25/2006

For Immediate Release: September 25, 2006
Contact: James Thompson
(970) 222-6397

Musgraves Failed Security Policies Make America Less Safe

Angie Paccione calls for a real security plan for Americans at home and abroad.

FORT COLLINS—A recently revealed April 2006 document by the National Intelligence Council, which represents the consensus of sixteen U.S. intelligence agencies, concludes that the Iraq War is fueling terrorism, directly contradicting claims by the administration and by Marilyn Musgrave that America is safer now than before the invasion.

Musgrave, an unquestioning supporter of the administration’s “stay the course” policy in Iraq, owes it to her constituents to say where she stands now that the U.S. government’s National Intelligence Estimate shows the policies she supports to be failed policies that have contributed to the spread of terrorism.

“We need a real security plan that protects Americans at home and abroad,” said State Rep. Angie Paccione, Musgrave’s opponent in Colorado’s Fourth Congressional District. “Look up ‘security’ in the dictionary, and it doesn’t say ‘less safe.’ Marilyn needs to stop denying it and acknowledge that her policies are harmful to the American people.”

Paccione said it was “utterly irresponsible”—while Americans are dying in Iraq and Osama bin Laden carves out a safe haven in Pakistan—for Musgrave to claim on Friday that gay marriage is “the most important issue that we face today."

“Obviously, Americans can’t look to Marilyn Musgrave and this do-nothing Congress for its security,” Paccione said. “America needs a real security strategy, and we need a change in Congress. We need principled leadership that won’t sacrifice national security for the sake of the special interests.”

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