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When Will Musgrave Stand Up for Moral Values? - 10/6/2006

For Immediate Release: October 6, 2006
Contact: James Thompson
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When Will Musgrave Stand Up for Moral Values?

Marilyn Musgrave refuses to demand accountability in the Foley sex scandal.

FORT COLLINS—Despite bipartisan calls for immediate accountability in the Foley sex scandal, Marilyn Musgrave continues to dodge questions about holding her party’s leadership accountable for covering it up. Her opponent, State Rep. Angie Paccione, again demanded that Musgrave call for House Speaker Dennis Hastert’s resignation, and added that Musgrave should publicly offer to return the $15,000 given by donors at an August fundraiser with Hastert.

Hastert has admitted to knowing about former Rep. Mark Foley’s inappropriate emails to young boys working as pages in the House, but he refuses to step down despite calls for his resignation from Republicans and Democrats alike .

Musgrave has refused to address the cover-up, and she won’t return calls from the press asking for comment.

According to an article in the Longmont Daily Times-Call, Hastert stumped for Musgrave in August and helped raise $15,000 for her re-election campaign (see the Times-Call photo below). At the event, Musgrave discussed “defending American values” and said that Republicans “have a record we can be very proud of.”

Hastert also mentioned values, saying that the election is a fight between Democrats and “people like Marilyn Musgrave who believe in strong values, Christian values.”

Paccione, an Evangelical Christian, asked Hastert and Musgrave to stand by their values and said if Musgrave really believed in “Christian values” and “American values,” she already would have called for Hastert’s resignation along with others in Congressional leadership positions who covered up the sex scandal.

“Why is Marilyn covering up for the people who have unlawfully committed these anti-American and anti-Christian acts? She says she wants to protect marriage, but she doesn’t want to protect children?” Paccione said. “If she continues to fail to demand accountability in the Foley sex scandal, the voters will hold her accountable in November.”

Paccione renewed her call to Musgrave to return the $20,000 she got from Hastert’s Keep Our Majority PAC, and also demanded that Musgrave make a public offer to return money to donors who contributed at the Hastert fundraiser, saying that it would be “the morally right thing to do.”

“If somebody just can’t have that weighing on their conscience that they donated at an event hosted by a likely accomplice in this sex scandal, then Marilyn should return that donation,” Paccione said. “I would want my money back. Moreover, I would want to take Congress back from control by corrupt politicians who condone immoral behavior. We need principled leadership in Congress, and the sooner the better.”

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