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Has Marilyn Dropped Morality from Her Priorities List? - 10/13/2006

For Immediate Release: October 13, 2006
Contact: James Thompson
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Has Marilyn Dropped Morality from Her Priorities List?

Marilyn Musgrave continues to dodge questions about the Foley sex scandal cover-up.

LONGMONT—Marilyn Musgrave still refuses to demand accountability from House Speaker Dennis Hastert and Rep. Thomas Reynolds for their role in the scandal surrounding former Rep. Mark Foley’s sexually inappropriate Internet communications with young boys working as House pages.

At a Longmont candidate forum Thursday night, Musgrave’s opponent, State Rep. Angie Paccione, said the House leadership is directly responsible for having failed to do its job to protect children from predation, and she reiterated her demand that Musgrave insist on accountability for the cover-up.

Musgrave dodged the issue during her speech, and as reporters attempted to ask her questions afterward, including a reporter from the Wall Street Journal, Musgrave stormed out of the auditorium surrounded by a security escort that she specifically requested and staff members who blocked cameras and were openly hostile.

The  Rocky Mountain News has reported that Musgrave has “ignored the Hastert question,” and the Denver Post reported that Musgrave’s office “did not return calls seeking comment” on the sex scandal.

“What is Marilyn trying to hide?” said Paccione. “Is she afraid to stand up to her party’s leadership and defend her professed morals?”

Paccione has called on Musgrave to demand House Speaker Dennis Hastert’s resignation from his leadership position for his role in the cover-up, and to return the $35,000 Musgrave has received through Hastert. Musgrave has failed to do so.

Musgrave also has failed to join Paccione’s call for Foley to donate his campaign funds to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which Musgrave voted against in 2003.

Musgrave so far has refused to demand any immediate accountability in the sex scandal cover-up, despite public admissions by Hastert, Reynolds, and others that they had prior knowledge of misconduct by Foley.

“Marilyn won’t go on the record as opposing this cover-up,” Paccione said. “It’s unacceptable—and against moral values—for her to remain silent about her party leadership’s tacit approval of Foley’s actions.”

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