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Denver Post Endorses Angie Paccione - 10/15/2006

For Immediate Release: October 15, 2006
Contact: James Thompson
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Denver Post Endorses Angie Paccione

Post endorsement contrasts Paccione’s “strong representation” with Musgrave’s “extreme agenda.”  

DENVER—The Denver Post today endorsed State Rep. Angie Paccione for Colorado’s Fourth Congressional District seat, saying Paccione “offers the district its best bet for strong representation in Washington.”

The Post criticized current Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave for pursuing “an extreme agenda” that led to her do-nothing four years in Congress, and it lauded Paccione for her “productive” record in the Colorado General Assembly, including tough legislation targeting illegal immigration and methamphetamine abuse.

Even more disturbing than Musgrave’s “disastrous first term” and her “all-too-predictable support for the president on issues ranging from restrictions on embryonic stem cell research to tax and war policy,” the Post writes, is that Musgrave “simply hasn’t much to show for her four years in Congress.”

The Post also took Musgrave to task for her 100 percent negative campaign ads, dismissing Musgrave’s focus on Paccione’s past financial troubles and debunking Musgrave’s lying attack ad about Paccione’s record on illegal immigration.

“Contrary to an ad suggesting that she put out the ‘welcome mat’ for illegals, Paccione introduced legislation this year—now law—to create a division of the state patrol aimed at cracking down on the trafficking of illegal immigrants,” writes the Post, which has also endorsed Republican Congressman Tom Tancredo for re-election. “During the special session in July, she co-sponsored a bill—which takes effect Jan. 1—requiring employers to examine and affirm within 20 days the legal work status of newly hired employees.”

The Post concluded its endorsement by stating, “After four years in the statehouse, Paccione has earned a reputation for doing her homework and she shows an energy and a range to represent the far-flung 4th Congressional District.”

Paccione said the Post’s endorsement was indicative of a need for change in the Fourth District, and she looked forward to receiving other media outlets’ endorsements.

“When you put Marilyn Musgrave and Angie Paccione side by side, the choice is clear,” Paccione said. “You can re-elect someone who caves in to the special interests and powerful politicians in Washington, or you can elect someone new who will bring principled leadership to Congress.”

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