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Musgrave: Stopping Gay Marriage More Important Than Stopping Internet Predators - 10/18/2006

For Immediate Release: October 18, 2006
Contact: James Thompson
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Musgrave: Stopping Gay Marriage More Important Than Stopping Internet Predators

Marilyn Musgrave’s comments on NPR are “beyond shameful,” said Angie Paccione.  

FORT COLLINS—State Rep. Angie Paccione today expressed disbelief with Marilyn Musgrave’s comments to National Public Radio that stopping child molesters is less important than banning gay marriage.

Musgrave’s comments to NPR’s Jeff Brady, which aired on Tuesday, defended her September statement at the Family Research Council that banning gay marriage is the most important issue facing America today.

“I was talking to people who came to a conference to talk about the social issues,” Musgrave said. “Whether it be the scourge of pornography, Internet predators, or abortion, or gay marriage. The most important of those was gay marriage.”

Paccione—a co-sponsor of legislation that protects children from Internet predators, increases public access to information about sex offenders, and advances child Internet safety at schools and libraries—said Musgrave needs to re-examine her priorities and her definition of moral values.

“This is beyond shameful. It’s no wonder Marilyn won’t demand accountability from her party’s leadership for shielding Internet predators,” said Paccione. “How dare she claim her special-interest agenda is more important than capturing and punishing predators like her Republican colleague Mark Foley. Children were being stalked in the very halls of Congress, but Marilyn Musgrave refuses to change her misguided priorities.”

Paccione reiterated her call for Musgrave to denounce her party leadership’s cover-up of the Mark Foley scandal and to join her in demanding that House Speaker Dennis Hastert step down from his leadership post. Paccione also called on Musgrave to pressure Foley into donating his campaign funds to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Musgrave was one of only fourteen Members of Congress who voted against the Runaway, Homeless, and Missing Children Act that reauthorized the center in 2003.

“Marilyn Musgrave is out of touch on the real issues. No wonder this corrupt Congress has been getting away with betraying the American people for so long,” Paccione said. “We need principled leaders who will stand up to sexual predators for a change.”

To listen to the NPR story, click here.

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